Omnivore Technology

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We take a bite out of your problems

Before silicon, when vacuum tubes ruled...
Before the Internet grew out of the ARPANet...
Before computers emerged from air-conditioned caverns...

we were there.

Consulting Services

Omnivore Technology offers software and hardware design and development consulting for
open systems software
operating systems
embedded systems
data collection via networks
remote effectuation via networks
TCP/IP networks
precision audio (digital and analog)

Opinions and anecdotes about interesting problems in chemistry, biology, and other sciences are available.

Our approach

Wheels are not reinvented here. We've learned from history. Our customers get well-tried solutions to new problems. It's easy to make something complicated. Making things simple is more work. We like simple. If someone else has already solved a problem in a way that fits requirements, we'll recommend that solution.

We craft simple, workable, reliable solutions if something new is necessary.

Prototypes and very small run manufacturing are no problem.

We operate in the Boston, Massachusetts, USA area with telepresence worldwide.

To contact us, email us (NO SPAM) at or call +1 617 332 9252.

We do not work on Micro$loth software. It's too frustrating and complicated for our ancient brains.

In our opinion, anyone using Microsoft (tm) products in any application requiring security, reliability, or support beyond one or two years is guilty of at least complete ignorance. Such use in government or companies supporting government applications should be considered criminal malfeasance, since the indisputable public record shows that such products are not secure, not reliable, and not supported for more than a minimum period. Any public record in a Microsoft (tm) format should be converted to a publicly available standard, preferably plain text, as soon as possible, since all such formats are obsoleted and become unreadable within a few years.

Thoughts on complexity in programming and programming languages

People make programming far more complicated than it needs to be or should be. The problems we solve are already hard enough. I am working on a book giving my take on how to create good computer systems which may surface some year.

A good engineer reuses prior work: here's a person who has done the research to document a lot of the problems with C++: C++ frequently questioned answers (FQA). Note his comments on complexity. I extend a great deal of what he says to most "object oriented" and "functional" programming languages.

Here are some essays on the disaster that current programming management and methodologies have wrought.

Web design also done in styles from basic text to flowery interactive graphical database whiz-bang. We have expertise available for all sorts of graphics and animation (if that's what you want).
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