The Human Brain

The Only Tool: The Human Brain

Unlike many other forms of engineering, the sole tool is the human brain.
Computer programs such as compilers may assist, but this does nothing to contradict the fundamental fact.

To forestall so-called computer scientists saying that their restricted language(s) can prevent this problem, remember that they cannot construct solutions that they cannot conceive.

The human brain has insurmountable limits.

Those limits may be trespassed upon for limited times and limited amounts. Beyond that, any attempt to surpass these limits will result in failure.

All Current Programming Methodologies And Systems Ignore This Proven Fact

The most important limit for programming is the number of concepts which can be concurrently held. Classically, the number is seven. Current research suggests that the ultimate limit is somewhere between 11 and 15. This includes "is my significant other angry?" and "when is lunch?" and "does the boss know I'm playing games on company time?", etc., so seven for a practical limit is reasonable.

This is not a trivial fact. It underlies a major reason why programs don't work.

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